Order Tracking and Inquiries...

Prior to calling the lab to check on the status of one of your orders you need to have available Your Studio Account Number, the ROES Order ID and the names of the files involved in your inquiry. Having this information available when you call saves time and reduces the chance of a mistake.

Why bother tracking your orders?

Who wants to be embarrassed when a customer calls asking for their pictures and you find out the order never got to the lab but you did not know this. Your customer believes you are responsible to know the status of their order. If you have a few or hundreds of orders there are procedures to monitor these orders so you will know if one falls behind schedule.

The following suggestions will provide you some ideas to help you have this information readily available to you.

Frequent ordering questions: What happens after I send my order? How will I know you got my order? Will I get a call that you received my order? When will I know my order got to the lab?

The Short Answer: Your ROES Client software will indicate the order was sent completely. You will within the hour receive an email confirmation (including the important ROES Order ID) from ppiroes@pechmanimaging.com that your order has arrived. You will receive a second email from United Parcel UPS Quantum View @ups.com when the completed order is shipped to you.


The Details or What might go wrong.

3 Reasons you may not receive your confirmation email.

1. You incorrectly entered your email address in the My Information Screen in your ROES Client software. Confirmation emails are sent to the address You Enter in the My Information Screen.

2. Your junk filter has blocked the email. Be sure to add @pechmanimaging.com to your allowed, preferred lists within your email program.

3. Sometimes the ROES server is very busy and email confirmations can take a few hours vs the usual few minutes.

What to do if you do not receive an email confirmation.

1. Check your email junk folder and trash folder.

2. Wait a few hours, no more than six.

3. Contact your rep or customer service to check on the order.

4. DO NOT Just RESEND the ORDER. Call lab first.

If you do not receive UPS shipping notification emails.

1. Check you email junk folder, junk filters and trash folder.

2. Contact your rep or customer service to be sure we have your correct email address entered into our shipping software. The shipping email list is separate from our ROES and accounting lists.

3. Small orders can sometimes be shipped via the Post Office and there will be no email confirmation.

How to...

Have order information available and...

Be certain orders are being processed and have not been lost.

Following is a procedure to monitor many orders being sent every day by several employees using multiple computers. If your studio has fewer orders you would just remove those steps not needed for your situation.

1. Have a log sheet on an "Orders Sent" clipboard. The sheet should list the date/time order sent, employee, job name description, very last part of the Studio Order ID and the Order ID you will receive in your confirmation email.

2. When the order is sent to the lab, the employee fills in a line on the log sheet for this order.

3. All computers are set to have email confirmations sent to one email address. If you need help managing your email, contact your lab rep.

4. When confirmation emails are received, at a minimum, page one is printed and placed on an "At Lab" clipboard.

5. Update the "Orders Sent" log sheet by entering the Order ID for the job. This will then indicate at a quick glance any sent order that has not been confirmed. It will also be a quick place to locate the order info when calling lab.

6. When orders arrive from lab, move the printed ‘page one, email confirmation’ from the "At Lab" clipboard to an "Orders Finished" box. Any sheet remaining on the "Orders Sent" clipboard will be at the lab or in transit.


If you deal with dozens of orders each day or week you should include a coding system or additional step to not allow an order to get lost in the stack ("At Lab" clipboard).

1. Have an extra column on your "Orders Sent" clipboard sheet. This is a check box for a date or check mark when order is completed. A quick glance each day at the lists will show orders that have not been completed with the start dates right there. You can tell right away late orders.

2. Place new order confirmation emails at the bottom of the stack ("At Lab" clipboard). A quick glance at the top few sheets will reveal the oldest orders and you should be able to spot any that have been there to long.

Email Tips

If you are buried with a lot of junk mail you might consider setting up a special ‘lab or production only’ email account. Then, do not use this to sign up at any web site, correspond to any friends or associates. Do not give it to anyone other than the business you have dedicated to this account.

You can set up a rule on this special ‘lab email’ to only accept email from @pechmanimaging.com and @pechmandirect2.com This will reduce spam in your inbox.

You might have a rule in your email program to place all correspondence from Pechman into a special Lab folder. Contents of this folder is saved and provides one quick location to find past order information.

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