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Operation of the program is easy to use, load your images, pick your digital photo print product, select the crop and enter the quantity selected by your customer. Call us today @ 1-800-777-0221 or email to customer service for ROES ProPreferred™ Help.


ROES ProPreferred™ - Getting Started Video.


ROES ProPreferred™ - Favorites Basics Video.


ROES ProPreferred™ - Designer Basics Video.


Please Note: The Designer Feature has been tweaked a little. A few feature buttons have moved into the Options Panel in a Tab labled Tools. Questions or need help, contact Steve.

Current customers please include your Pechman Account number when you set up your ROES ProPreferred™ software (Home Screen) for your first order. Enter you number and press the Login button. Format the account number as 8 digits by using leading zeroes to change your Pechman 5 digit number to ROES ProPreferred 8 digit format. Example: Your current Pechman number might be 54321 enter 00054321


New accounts please call customer service at 1-800-777-0221 or email them requesting a Pechman ROES ProPreferred™ account number.


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