"ProPreferred"™ FAQ's

ROES Client Updates

We would like to bring to your attention to these advantageous updates which have occurred in your ROES software.

Current Pager Requirement, please read, please note

When starting a new Designer template with what appears to be a blank canvas please be aware that each of these sheets has one node (named Node 1) already created at the lab. Node 1 MUST and can ONLY contain a camera image or jpg file. Even though the software will allow you to use this Node 1 to enter a fill color using the Fill Button, this fill in this Node 1 WILL NOT Print at the lab. If you place anything other than a jpg file in this node or leave this node empty, you will not be pleased with the results.

Pager (Now Named - Designer), before you begin

Blank product sheets used by Designer to make your own products begin with a Background layer and a single picture node (1) that is set to cover the entire product area. See Note below, never let this or any node extend beyond the edge of the product. The Background button and layer are limited to "only placing" an image. You have no control over image opacity, cropping or composition within this background area. If you place a rectangular image in a square background the image will be distorted to fill the entire square area. Works in reverse also. The recommendation is to use the original node (1) as your background image. Node (1) is always set to be the lowest image layer just above the background layer. Node (1) is set initially to be the full size of the product.

Oops, I just changed node (1) by mistake, how do I reset node (1) to it's original position?

If you do change the position or size of node (1) by mistake and would like to return it to it's original position, use the contextual menu, choose Node Bounds... and then set the X and Y coordinates to zero 0 and the node width and height to the maximum sizes for the product. Using node (1) as the background image allows you full control of the image within the node. Opacity, cropping, placement and tilt.

Big Time Alert, take note, do not Deviate from this procedure!

Do not have any node EXTEND beyond the edge of the product. Check the Node Bounds dialog window to be sure placement and size of any node is not beyond the outer edges of the product you are working with.

Proofs and other Multiple print orders, special note

When you want to order the same product and quantity from many files, such as a proof order, you first must be very certain you have set and understand the Auto-Rotation features of "ProPreferred"™. You must select the Auto-Rotate feature found in the Pro-Tool menu. (hidden under the rotate and add to order buttons. Click the ~ graphic to reveal Pro-Tools) You should also review any multiple or automatic order very carefully in the Review Order screen. You are responsible for the positioning of your file within the print. lobortis.

Studio logos on wallets

When you order studio logos there are three key points to understand.

1. Do Not Rotate the Wallet Layout. Leave it in the Vertical Position even for horizontal poses. Let the horizontal pose turn on it's side with the heads facing to the left of your screen.

2. All images for logo placement must have heads facing toward the top or to the left when ordering logos. Heads pointing down or to the right will not work. You will be unhappy with the results.

3. You will not see the logo appear on your ROES cropping/composition screen. You will see the appropriate logo option listed on the Order Review screen.

Proofs and Watermarks

Some proof page and single proof products have a Watermark Option. This option when selected will print the text you enter into the first watermark text node on all watermark text nodes on the page. You only need to enter your watermark information in the first watermark text node. This information will automatically fill into all other watermark text nodes on the page. Prior to selecting the watermark option you Must Select the Hold Options feature. If you do not choose Hold Options then you will have to select the watermark option and fill in your information for every page or proof you order.

Please Note: You WILL SEE all of this watermark information, just as you typed it, on your Review Order screen. If you DO NOT SEE the watermark information on the Order Review screen, STOP, you will not get the watermark. You will have to redo the job. Call your rep for help. Be sure to check more than one page on the Order Review form. This will guarantee you have set the Hold Options correctly.

Montage feature, special note

To use Montage, first select your page size and add the image to Node 1 you want for your background. Then click the Montage button and make your choices for how many Nodes and their arrangement. Then press the Create New Montage button to build your Montage. Add your images and you are ready to order.

Saving Orders for Future Reference

"ProPreferred"™ does automatically save a copy of your order for future review. However, there is a setting found in the Uploads & Saved Carts screen that controls how long these files will be kept on your computer. You can set the number of days files will be kept. After this set time, the program will remove these copies.

Saving Orders you wish to finish and Send at a later date

Click the 'Save for later' button found on the lower right corner of the Shopping Cart screen. Fill in a name for the order and press the Enter key. To find and use this saved job go to the Uploads & Saved Carts screen and look in the lower portion Saved Carts.and press the Reopen button. The job will reopen in the Shopping Cart screen. You can click the dotted 'Edit this item' graphic to the left of a thumbnail to open this part of the job in the edit order window to make any  changes then submit your job.

Any buttons that are dim and unavailble in the Uploads & Saved Carts screen can become active by holding down the ALT (pc) or Option (mac) keys.

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