Who we are…

At Pechman Imaging we have always understood that our reputation has been and still is our most important asset, built on quality products and top notch service. Though digital technology has given our professional industry new challenges, we continue to meet those challenges with consistent quality and service at very low prices. Of course we could toot our own horn, but we instead choose to let our customers do that for us.

We recognize that professional photographers need a lab with high quality products, on time, everytime, without exception. Yes, you can have both high quality and low prices–we have proved that fact. Challenge us to prove it to you.

To provide the “Pro” with an added advantage, we offer an individualized consulting service that includes advanced camera skills and business planning, so our accounts can stay ahead of the competition.

No lab can enjoy the continued success that we have had for over 65 years without superb customer service. We have real people answering the phones to provide you with the fast service needed to answer all your questions.

We at Pechman Imaging guarantee that you will never get lost in the crowd or become a “number.”

Choosy Photographers Choose Pechman