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A quick post to point out how two items, some dismiss as low prestige novelties, can build your portrait referrals.

The items, Holiday Photo Ornaments and Ceramic Beverage Mugs.

How you ask, well even though some people may not drink coffee or tea they will use a mug as a pencil holder on their desk at work. Those who use the mug for their favorite beverage are still showing their favorite portraits off to co-workers. Sort off, I love my coffee, I love my family even more.

An ornament can be hung on the work cubicle wall or a little wire stand on their desk. Or with a little suction cup hook to the side of their monitor. Showing off family to others at work and enjoying the peace and relaxation of seeing their children during the day is appreciated by your portrait customers.

So the real point to consider is not the profit you make on the sale of these items as much as it is how much joy do these items give to your customer each day they own them. Your customer will thank you everyday they enjoy these memories you have suggested they preserve.

We do have several styles of mugs and holiday ornaments all made in-house along with your print order.

Just had a final thought, can you imagine the look in GrandMa’s eyes when she gets one of these showing her grand kids?


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