Boost Revenue With Mini-Sessions

Why Mini Portrait Sessions?

Mini sessions are a great way to boost business anytime of the year. One caution, do not over do it, because consumers soon may expect it instead of a regular session.

When doing mini sessions, a photographer should have a defined set of goals while keeping in mind that these sessions are only 15 to 20 minutes long. KIS–keeping it simple applies given your time is valuable. Themes should closely align with the needs of your clientele. Think of these sessions as “Lite” or “Petite.” Market as such. Mini Session link examples: LINK 1  LINK 2

1. For portraiture keeping up with stages of a child’s growth or a cute phase.

2. For special gifts for grandparents.

3. Up dating a family portrait with new child.

4. Need current image for Greeting Cards.

5. Engagement sessions for brides on low end budget.

6. Not for seniors, except for last minute year book photo.

7. Mom’s or Dad’s recent promotion or wedding anniversary.

8. Fast and easy pet sessions.

9. Great for “theme style” portraits for children: fairies, Halloween, Thanks Giving, etc.

10. Some photographers have a special day theme each month just for mini-sessions. Great for infant photography programs–3,6,9 &12th month portrait.

11. Impromptu family reunions–group shots only.

Suggestions to help:

1. Keep images down to a conservative number: 1 per minute or max. 30.

2. Use outdoors when ever possible, same location. Have rain make up date set.

3. Reduce the customary session fee up to 50%, but not the individual print price. Instead establish unique mini session packages to establish a sale price.

4. Relying only on “Image Posting for proofing” will result in lower sales or aces.

5. Face to Face selling will result in higher sales averages.

5. Don’t like to sell or don’t have the time, sell packages so that lowest priced package + session fee is $200 minimum.

6. Mini session revenue average should not be lower than 50% of your regular sitting average. Example: $400 x 50% = $200. Yours may be higher or lower.

7. Use coupons for Greeting Cards to remind clients to place their orders early.

8. Token of your gratitude: Place several images on FB, etc. for them only after they make their purchase.

9. If some consumers don’t want prints: Disk is default at $200. They should know this up front. Editing for other than bloopers at additional cost.

10. Establish a referral program.  Keep all email address for future mailings.

Some of our clients are doing mini-sessions right now. It’s is a tradition for them.

Looking forward to discussing the pros & cons of Mini Sessions with you via comments or your phone call.

To your success,

Steve and Frank

PS: Mini Sessions–a great way to build up a client base.

PPS: Try our video-slide show program–Free for 30 days.

Holiday Profits Increase At Professional Portrait Studios

Holiday gift giving, Christmas and Hanukkah  are nearing. These are Family Holidays full of memories past and those yet to be made. What better gift to give than the gift only you can give, your love in a family portrait.

Anyone can go the the mall and get a toaster or a tie. People buy these items for themselves all the time. Your loved one can not go to a store and buy your portrait.
Once you decide to have your portrait made avoid any urges or great ideas to ‘do it yourself’ or have a friend do it. Professional portrait artists, those with many years of experience, those who have fed their families from their skills as a portrait artist, have the ability to capture the love and spirit of your soul. This essence is what will connect with your loved ones when they receive your portrait gift. Just sitting in front of a camera on a tripod, letting the auto timer snap a series of cold images really doesn’t work. Been there, tried that, didn’t work. Here is when trying to save a little isn’t really a savings. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” applies in spades. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
Hire a skilled professional portrait photographic artist who uses a top quality professional photo lab to produce your lasting family memories.
Professional photographers – This blog posting is written to your customers. This (love, emotion, portraits) is ‘The Message” you need to be sending to your customers. Feel free to copy, borrow or tweak this message to fit your style. The important part is to just communicate and remember, the message is love and emotions are best preserved and passed on with quality professional photo prints.
Holiday profits for the professional portrait photographer means more portrait sessions. Holiday profits for your customers means the lasting value they receive by preserving their family memories and love with your amazing portrait skills. Done correctly this is the classic win, win.