Instagram’s Square Images “Very Hot” With Millennials

Pechman Photo Fun StripsSquare format producing that “Polaroid Look” is very much in demand. No, not large prints per se’, but as a retro product we at Pechman call ‘Fun Time Strips.

Millennials going “retro” with Photo Strips Thanks To Instagram

Think back to those days when the “photo-booth” was popular. Teens could purchase prints in a matter of minutes at the local dime store, etc. Everyone crowded into those booths or just a teen couple on a date to see a movie or go bowling. That provided fun for them and a means to preserve memories.

~Did you know that teens are purchasing older Polaroid cameras and taking square pictures? And that film is not cheap.~

Being “square” is the in thing.  “Square is the new “cool.”

Fun Time Strips are printed with 3 or 4 images per strip. As “retro” each strip has colored borders which you choose. As a bonus, Polaroid Look-a-likes, 3.5×4 in size has a 3.5×3.5 square image with white borders.

All these Fun Time Products are in Pechman ROES right now.

Our Fun Time Strips can be used in many ways:

  • Promotional items
  • Add-ons to your existing portrait print or wedding packages
  • Post session activity after “your close” or as a “closer”
  • Also as one of your “Email Sales Products” doing a “senior roundup” or “wedding finale.”