Do Your Eyes ‘Have It’? Take This Test And See!

Here is a nice color test that will give you an idea how well you can differentiate subtle color tones. Additionally you can use the test to get an idea of how well your monitors are presenting subtle color tones to you. The test I am writing about is found at the X-rite Photo webesite.  Their Color IQ Test is free and you can take it multiple times to try and improve your score or compare two monitors you might have to see which monitor allows you to achieve the best score. That would then be the monitor that is the best to use for your work. A well calibrated monitor will help you achieve a better score. I have found squinting a little so the display gets a little out of focus or soft helps in making those tough comparisons. As you take the test you will realize what I am talking about. An easy test that can become addictive as you try to get a perfect score.