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Now is the perfect time to begin making your marketing and sales call plans. Dance schools come to mind as a top priority. Communion children portraits should be on your list. Any sports league you can contact and begin or renew dialog with is essential. A time and business management technique that is important here is to first recognize you need to make these sales calls. Since you are reading this it seems you are considering the assignment. You next step to ensure you actually follow through with the task is to go to your appointment calendar and schedule days for the sales calls and also days to plan your calls. Actually make the appointment for yourself on your schedule. If you do not do this step very likely you will put it off and never make the calls resulting in lost sales.

In all of these meetings you want to explain your services in a manner that shows how they benefit the group or group leaders. You are making their jobs easier, less stress, no hassle or phone calls or texts from angry parents. Of course the pictures are great, you have excellent customer service and follow through. Your customers are happy and satisfied with your service and products and they routinely express their positive experience to those who selected you.

When you are looking for the names and contact information for those in charge of groups be sure to ask all your friends, family and clients if they know of anyone on a committee or if they know someone who might know someone. Ask everyone this same question, do you know of someone in charge or someone else who might know. Ask them also on their advice on how to proceed, what is important to talk about, what parents are wanting. People like to be empowered and like to help others and being asked for their opinion tells them you feel they are valuable and important. Be sure to listen carefully and take notes, yeah write the stuff down. This truly shows people you value what they are saying. Plus it helps you remember the details, phone, email, names and dates you were given. Ask if you could use their name when you follow through with this recommended contact.

Speaking of notes, keep a notebook or computer file with contact date history, names of those contacted and a summary of what was discussed. Keys to list are what you intended to talk about, what you found out and finally what you plan to do next. Now go to your calendar and schedule your next sales step with this contact.

If you need a coach to help you with organizing your sales calls contact Pechman Customer Service for a referral to a sales pro who can explain these ideas or answer a specific question concerning the sales process you may have.