Photo Proof Books Destroy The Smartphone

Photo proof books should destroy the smartphone. Likely not for awhile but eventually Mom’s will start to realize the flashy phone isn’t as warm and fuzzy as a classic proof book.

Everyone wins with hard copy photo proof books. The recent trend in sharing pictures of your family when you are with friends is the ubiquitous smart phone. (Been trying to use that word for a couple weeks now)

A classic printed proof book with high quality photo prints can be touched, held and cherished. The feel of the proof book gives an intimacy with your family not possible with the cold electronic format.

The classic printed proof book provides your children with a strong sense of belonging and family stability not possible with the fleeting, here today, gone tomorrow characteristic of the electronic medium.

Professional photographers win with classic printed brag proof books through the increased sale and the continued happy customer who each time they share their kids with friends using their proof book will be thanking you time and time again.

Pechman Professional Photo Lab has several proof book styles available at economical prices.