Elegant’ Photo Albums : General Information

1). Printing and Binding only:
Photographer provides album design. We recommend the use of our ROES Designer Module which is FREE to Pechman clients. Please note: Because album pages are ‘full bleed,’ you will lose approximately 1/8 inch of image on three sides of an open spread (panorama) during the binding process. Please leave an adequate amount of image area to correctly crop for heads, feet, shoulders and important objects. Because all of your prints are panoramas (10x20, etc.), there is zero image loss in the center of the spread (panorama) where the two pages meet. Beware of image placement where the center fold occurs.

2). Album Information: (All album pages lay flat when opened except for round spine leather covers.)
Our albums allow for full panoramic 2-page (continous) spreads only for all pages. No center cuts which results in an eye pleasing presentation , and as a result, the album is first choice with most brides. Pages are approximately 3/32 th of an inch thick, very ideal for 10 (20 sides) to 20 (40 sides) pages. Two (2) additional pages can be added or subtracted: 2 pages, 4 sides, 2 panorama prints.

Our ‘Thin Style’ album pages are approximately 1/32 th of an inch thick. Thick pages are approximately 3/32 ths in thickness.

3). Album Covers:
Albums covers:Black leather without picture window standard. Available in various optional colors: Ivory, Brown, Pearl, Silver and Burgandy. Note: Price includes covers and prints. Dust jackets are priced separately---call for size requirements.

4). Submitting Orders:
Please coordinate your first few album orders with customer service. SCM: No free remakes: keep in mind, it is your design & layout and your color & density, not ours. Photographers using our ‘Lab Color Management (LCM) Services’ & Pechman’s ROES ProPreferred software, FTP or Disk must sign off on our color match prior to printing. Please allow additional time for this process.

We also design albums for those studios not familiar with software on a per hour basis. Experienced software users are welcome to use our (free) ROES Designer Module and design their own unique albums. Call for more information.