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Rocks to cotton - an entrepreneur's story

The Story

Canvas Print - Gallery Wrap Style

The Story began a long time ago. Artists were looking for a easier way to paint in different lighting conditions, caves and blocks of stone were a little tough to move into better lighting conditions. Along comes the idea of painting on a piece of cloth, voila', Canvas Portraits are born. Fast forward a few hundred years and some enterprising big shot photographic portrait business people were wanting an upscale product and they also wanted to capitalize on the reputation of oil painted portraits. Oil painted portraits took a long time to make and cost quite a large amount of money. The photo canvas portrait could be done more conveniently for the client at a cost lower than the painter would charge. A big win for both studio and client. We will call this type of canvas, Traditional. Old timers called it the McDonald process.

Time marches on, word gets around about canvas photo portraits (Traditional) and people start to ask about them. For some clients price was beyond their means. So again some savvy studio owners asked their lab to figure out a lower cost method to produce a canvas portrait product, Canvas Panels. These avoided the high labor of removing the print backing used in Traditional Canvas and the expensive stretcher bars that helped make the traditional canvas so much like the oil painting it was simulating. Canvas Panels became poplular with mid priced studios and department stores.

Tick tock, more time goes by. Now the clever studio owners learn of a canvas material they can pass through a wide format ink printer. They also see another fine art product used for many years in the art world to produce modernistic paintings, The Gallery Wrap. Ideas crash together, we can sell this to our client as Modern, tell them they won't need a frame, all their friends will immediately know they are rich and cool at the same time because they have canvas prints, hey look they are sticking out from the wall. Bingo we now have the third version of Portraits on Canvas.

What is really important about all this is, some studios have always helped their clients achieve their legacy and provided memory insurance that is proudly displayed in their homes for everyone who visits to see.

Pick Your Canvas

Traditional Canvas, print back is removed, image emulstion is pressed into a sheet of art canvas. This print - art canvas combination is then stretched over a wooden frame. Edges show canvas, no image. Edges also show staples. This product is intended to be framed. Also available mounted to masonite or gatorboard.

Canvas Panel, print is pressure textured with canvas texture. Textured print is then lightly applied to a artboard that has been covered with art canvas.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints, high quality ink giclee printing directly onto specially prepared art canvas. Image traditionally wraps around edge. Also available, image remains on front and edge is made either white or black. Canvas is mounted to 1.5" wooden frame with clean edges intended to be displayed with no further framing.

Or... check out the latest entrepreneurial portrait idea, Fine Art Giclée Printing. Ink similar to water color or paint and 100% cotton combine to make a portrait that connects with art conscience buyers.

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